Business Intelligence

Most BI tools are just that, graphical representations of your data. But what about the transactional data in your system? Are multiple tools really the answer to the problem? What if you could get the visualizations your management needs, plus the transactional reporting your end users depend on in a single tool? SplashBI is a comprehensive solution for your whole Organization.

Cross Application Reporting

The days of large, centralized ERPs are fading, and many organizations are turning to a Best-Of-Breed approach when it comes to their applications. SplashBI understands this, as well as the need to centralize your reporting. With SplashBI, it is easy to connect to all of your data sources for live reporting or to use our operational data store, combine data for mash-up reporting, and even report directly from within Microsoft Excel!

Take it anywhere

Data at your fingertips, no matter where you are or what device you use, is crucial for quick decision making in today's competitive landscape. With SplashBI, access your reports and dashboards from any device, whether it is your PC, tablet or even your smart phone.


Connect to Any Data Source