Discoverer Solution

Front End Tool. Faster Conversion. View a few of the benefits of the EiS Solution.

Discoverer Benifits
  • Modern web interface – HTML5
  • Ability to run reports from Excel
  • Easy to learn
  • EBS integration/responsibility security
  • Build dashboards on migrated business areas (100+ visualizations)
  • Any device – browser/mobile/tablet/ Excel
  • Ability to connect to any database/data sources including cloud systems
  • Scheduling & distribution
  • Multiple output formats
  • Powerful ad-hoc reporting
  • Active directory support
  • In-Memory analytics
  • Data mashups
  • Very affordable

Discoverer to SplashBI

Splash Business Intelligence (SplashBI) is a modern BI product with a built-in Discoverer migration utility that seamlessly converts Discoverer workbooks. SplashBI offers many more features than Discoverer, including dashboards, Excel front end, scheduling and distribution, and mobile capabilities. The Discoverer Migration Utility converts existing Discoverer infrastructure to SplashBI Domains and Reports. Additionally, it supports all data sources that Discoverer workbooks are built upon, including datamarts, data warehouses, online transaction processing systems, and Oracle E-Business Suite.

The Discoverer migration utility will help you convert hundreds, or even thousands, of Discoverer reports in a fraction of the time and cost it would take to rebuild them in another system. And because the utility migrates the infrastructure of the workbook, it allows converted reports to be modified without the need to customize the original Discoverer view. This allows users to be up and running in a more feature rich tool that provides them with far more functionality than Discoverer could ever offer, including ad-hoc, scheduling, distribution, multiple output formats, dashboards, plus much more.